PetSafe In-Ground Deluxe Little-Dog Fence

PetSafe In-Ground Little-Dog Fence
PetSafe PIG00-10773 Little-Dog Fence
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PetSafe PIG00-10773 Little-Dog Fence Review

Need a pet containment for a small dog but are worried about the collar size and correction level of the one-size-fits-all pet fences?  Consider the PetSafe PIG00-10773 In-Ground Deluxe Little-Dog Fence.

The PetSafe Little-Dog Fence is made specifically for smaller sized dogs and pets. It comes with the smallest collar/receiver available weighing only 2.7 ounces and designed for comfort on your small pet.  

The In-Ground Little Dog fence is the perfect solution for clever dogs that like to dig, jump, and find other ways out of the yard. As your dog approaches in the fence, the collar will let out a warning in the form of a beep. If your dog ignores the beep, a light and harmless correction will be made by the collar. In a few short training sessions, your pet will learn that the beeps mean to back away and for most dogs, one or two corrections is all it ever takes for them to keep clear of the boundaries and stay within the perimeter of the area you enclosed.

The included collar is designed for small dogs and makes use of PetSafe's comfort-fit technology. A Quickfit bucket allows for a perfect fit on your dog and for quick removal.

Safety features include a low battery indicator light, break-alarm for wire breaks, and a safety shut-off feature that will turn the unit off if your dog gets stuck in a correction zone for longer than 20 seconds.



  • 25 Acre Coverage
  • Made for Smaller Dogs
  • Waterproof receiver-collar adjusts from 6 to 26 inches
  • Integrated lightning safeguards
  • Four stages of correction, including tone-only alternative for training and warnings


  • Training guide / DVD
  • Training flags
  • Wire
  • Receiver-collar
  • Transmitter

PetSafe PIG00-10773 In-Ground Deluxe Little-Dog Fence Reviews

Sample Customer Reviews

Reviews of this PetSafe Little Dog Fence are outstanding, with over 90% of all owners giving this fence 4 or more stars (out of 5).

Positive Customer Reviews

Finally, my dog is able to run free and have fun in the yard. I felt so bad having to tie her up. Fence was easy to install and works perfectly.
-- E.B.

This fence is perfect for a little escape artist. Our guy liked to dig under the fence. This put a stop to that immediately. Really like the smaller collar, it fits perfect.
-- R.T.

Love this fence.  Installation was easy using an edger.  Our dog learned very fast, by the end of the first day he knew the boundaries.
-- T.R.

Negative Customer Comments

Had to replace the battery after 3 months
-- G.N.

My only complaint is that the collar is a little stiff.
-- B.C.