Havahart Wireless 5134G Radial Shaped Dog Fence

Havahart Radial Dog Fence
Havahart Wireless Radial Shaped Dog Fence
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Havahart Wireless Radial Shaped Dog Fence Review

Looking for a wireless pet containment system capable of covering up to a whopping 11.5 acres? If so, you might want to consider the Havahart Wireless Dog Fence System.

The Havahart 5134G Wireless Dog Fence offers a simple to use pet containment system that claims to offer up to 20 times more containment area than other leading brands. It can contain up to two dogs, and can be installed only minutes with absolutely no digging or wires.

Features of the Havahard 5134G Radial Shape Dog Fence include real-time distance tracking of your dog, a safety shut-off alert function, waterproof collars with advanced motion sensor technology, easy set-up, and portability.

Suitable for any dog breed over the age of six months and weighing greater than eight lbs.


  • Sleeps 3
  • 49 square feet of tent floor space - tent measures 7'x7' with 52" center height
  • Never get wet with unique WeatherTec method
  • Adjustable ventilation to control ventilation and airflow
  • Setting up the tent takes less than ten minutes
  • Tough carry bag with different storage space areas

Havahart Wireless Radial Shaped Dog Fence Reviews

Sample Customer Reviews

Reviews of this Havahart Wireless Dog Fence are mixed. Only around 50% of the reviews we've located rate this fence as 4 stars or more (out of 5). Many of the negative review complain about inconsistent or unreliable protection and coverage.

Positive Customer Reviews

We've had no problems with this system. You do need to carefully test the perimeter and boundaries and set up flags in the correct locations, but once we had the right settings it has been working without issue. 
-- C.R.

Works as advertised. Amazingly simple to install. Our dog was trained in no time and there's no more car chasing.
-- B.R.

Negative Customer Comments

Does not work in my mosted wooded lot.  I purchased with the hope my dogs would be able to run around 
-- L.E..

This fence never worked correctly. Any little bit of interference will mess up the wireless signal. One day the dog can approach the road, the next day he gets zapped 10 yards from the edge of the yard. Not cool.
-- C.B.