Dogtek EF-4000 Wired Dog Fence System

Dogtek EF-4000 Dog Fence System
Dogtek EF-4000 Dog Fence
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Dogtek EF-4000 Dog Fence Review

Looking for an invisible dog fence that can be used with as many dogs you want?  

The Dogtek EF-4000 dog fence is perfect for owners with dogs of different breeds and sizes. Each dog can have her own programmable collar that can be configured specifically for that dog.

The Dogtek EF-4000 Invisible Dog Fence works by burying a wire (or placing on an exisiting fence) around the perimeter of the area you want to enclose.  This wire is connected to a transmitter unit that sends a signal through the wire that can be picked up by the receiver collar worn by the dog.  As the dog approaches the wire, a warning sound is emitted from the collar.  This allows the dog to be trained to understand exactly where the perimeter lies.  If your dog chooses to ignore the warning beeps, the next action is a series of electrical pulses, the size of which can be set for each individual dog.

After only a few days, your dog will learn that the beeps mean trouble and will start to avoid those areas, keeping him or her safe and sound in your yard or the area where you want them to be.



  • 2 variable zones
  • 8 degrees of static corrections
  • 100% water-proof collar
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Dogtek EF-4000 Dog Fence Reviews

Sample Customer Reviews

There are not many reviews of the DogTek EF-4000 to be found online, but the ones we have located have been oustanding.

Positive Customer Reviews

I have three dogs and I love how I can adjust the shocks they receive independently of each other. Big dog, higher setting. Small dog, low setting. Works great.
-- F.

Very easy to set-up and install.  We already has a split-rail fence, but our little dog kept running under it. We just ran the wire along the fence and now she stays clear of the fence. Highly recommended.
-- T.C.

Negative Customer Comments

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